2013 National Bike Challenge

It was a cold wet day with even a threat of snow May 1st, the kickoff day of the 2013 National Bike Challenge. In the months to come we had temps in the 100’s and high humidity. But this is Lincoln Nebraska, and we are accustomed to riding our bikes in any of the moody weather swings we have in the mid-west. And ride our bikes we did! Lincoln had 1,117 riders sign on this year with a total 632,358 miles logged. We where neck and neck with Madison WI for most of the five month long Challenge. And in the final weeks, we climbed to first place. The Challenge ended at midnight last night with Lincoln still on top for class one cities (population over 200,000)!

Finishing first in the nation is more then a feather in our cap. It shows that Lincoln is a bike city. For fun and for transportation we ride our bikes! This Challenge is a tool for us. We can show city planners, council members and the public as a whole that it is worth investing in cycling education and infrastructure.

To celebrate our first place finish, BicycLincoln will be hosting a End of the Challenge party. Monday October 14th at Brewsky’s in the Haymarket (201 N 8th street), 4 – 8pm. We’ll have food, prizes, and awards made custom by TMCO!

Congratulations Lincoln and everyone that partook in this years Bike Challenge

Top Local Riders

  1. Randy Reed – 4th nationaly
  2. Mark Rupp
  3. Brian Hermes
  4. Trena Reed
  5. Randy Gibson
  6. Bill Dinger
  7. Janine Copple
  8. Robert Tucker
  9. Mick Meter
  10. Jeremia Grell

Top Local Teams

  1. Great Plains Bicycling Club – 24th nationally
  2. Cycle Works/Moose’s Tooth
  3. Team Eyeskull
  4. Lincoln All-Season Cyclists
  5. The Great Gadlies
  6. Biking For Beverages
  7. Team Hibou
  8. Pirate Cycling League
  9. UNL Outdoor Adventures
  10. Sheclismo

Top Local Workplaces

  1. University of Nebraska – Lincoln – 11th nationally and 3rd for universities
  2. State of Nebraska
  3. Cycle Works/Moose’s Tooth – 3rd nationally for bike shops
  4. Nelnet
  5. TMCO
  6. Molex
  7. Lincoln Public Schools
  8. Madonna Rehabillitation
  9. City of Lincoln
  10. Ameritas

Lincoln Nebraska First Place for Class One Cities.

Nebraska Second Place for States



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  • Way to go, Lincoln! We rocked it!

  • That is so awesome.

  • Can you hold the party on Monday the 7th or Monday the 21st!? Visiting a sick relative in North Carolina on Monday the 14th. Missed it last year too. Oh well – have a great time Lincoln – you deserve it!

  • Have you sent word of the bike challenge ranking (#1 Lincoln, #2 state, #3 university) to the local newspaper? Good chance for positive bike PR.

  • […] Since I last posted I’ve ridden part of Gravel Worlds (leg cramps ended my day early), rode the Dakota 5-0 in Spearfish SD (read about my experience here http://fat-bike.com/2013/09/ben-swift-reports-on-his-dakota-five-0-experience/), I ran in the Market to Market Relay with the Screen Ink Team, and Lincoln did really well (Lincoln Nebraska First Place for Class One Cities!) in the Summer Commuter Challenge! […]

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