Trail Ramblings: Why We Log

midnight ride

If you haven’t noticed, it’s that time again. Time to log your miles for the National Bike Challenge. If you’re reading these words you probably know what it is and are either logging, or not. If you are, thanks for supporting Lincoln’s bicycle community and showing we walk the talk by the numbers. If you’re not that’s your choice of course, but we’re curious as to why not. Some find it cumbersome to use the […]


Trail Ramblings: Well Celebrated And Waiting For Adjustments.


The “ribbon cutting” has come and gone, and we love the N St. cycletrack, just not the lights and timing. We’ve heard a steady stream of comments like this since the soft opening in January. There’s been a steady flow of bicycle traffic since then, (and even before) and we are excited to have such a great piece of bicycle infrastructure in Lincoln. Minneapolis may hold the distinction of being the only U.S. City making […]


Trail Ramblings: The Challenge Will Be Here Soon, How Will You Get Those Miles?


Are you strictly a commuter or do you mainly ride recreationally? (I consider commuting a kind of recreation, but maybe others would not.) Whatever your motivation, I hope you’ll sign up for the National Bike Challenge, which starts May 1st and runs through Sept. 30. We are now in the warm-up phase and you can be logging miles now if you choose. If you’ve participated before, you know the drill. If you’re new, you can […]


Trail Ramblings: Your Trail Options Just Increased By One.


I know many of you have been sorely missing your Princeton/Cortland ride via the Homestead trail, so I hope you were able to go check it out this past weekend. One can see where the repairs were made and a serious amount of industrial strength weed whacking of overgrowth along the sides of the trail is apparent. You find that along segments of the Mopac as well. My ride took me to Pickrell. I kept […]


Trail Ramblings: Do You Have What You Need?

plum blossoms

As the number of people hitting the trails rises with the temperature, take a moment to check to see that your seat or frame bag is re-stocked with some essentials. I was reminded of this when out helping prune overgrowth yesterday on the trails at Branched Oak Lake. Lucky for me, I was with mountain bikers who came fully prepared with first aid kits and training. Because it’s mountain biking. To quote the Black Knight […]


Trail Ramblings: Give Hills A Chance.


I hope you all got out to enjoy the magnificent day we had yesterday, after the rainy chill of Saturday. I decided to take a spin through Pioneers Park, as I hadn’t been out there in a while. I do like to reacquaint myself every so often with the hills out there and enjoy the beauty of the park and it’s animals while I’m at it. The trails are much improved if you haven’t been […]


Trail Ramblings: March is all about change.

rider on repaired trail

Whether or not you like to spring forward, and I heard much bitter complaint about that last week, I do like the extra hour of light in the evening to ride in. Yes, I often ride before it’s light in the morning too, but that’s short lived and I have good lights. Another March change is the weather. March is all about getting your hopes up and lulling you with warm weather only so smack […]


Trail Ramblings: I Hope You’ve Been Out To Enjoy This.


There was a rumor last week that the Homestead trail was open, as the barricade was down at Roca road to the south, but it seems to be unfounded. The barricades are still up where it crosses Martell road the next mile down. I suspect crews have been on it and have left it open. Mainly, it seems to be bumpy from foot traffic. The weather doesn’t get much better than this to get out […]


Trail Ramblings: Guilty Pleasures

doggie on mopac

We know it’s really not supposed to be 70 degrees in early March, but doesn’t it feel good? If you haven’t already been riding this winter, I recommend getting your bike out of storage to take advantage of these beautiful spring-like days. The Mopac still has a few wet spots in the predictable areas between 176th and 164th, marked with a cone, and just east of the tunnel at 136th. The trails have been full […]


Trail Ramblings: Are We Winded Yet?

positive commuting mindset

If you were out enjoying the warm temperatures this weekend on your bikes, you know what I’m talking about. Today saw wind speeds in the 20s with gusts of nearly 40 mph, and yesterday was not far behind. I know because I was riding in it, looking forward to changing direction and not having a headwind anymore, but the wind shifted so I got to ride into it from two directions. Today was worse, the […]