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Getting Along: On Bike Theft

tl;dr version: No, they haven’t found my two stolen bikes. And it’s not likely that they will. It’s a surreal moment, that moment when you pull up Lincoln Nebraska Stolen/Missing Bikes or Nebraska Stolen Bike Alert and start to type “STOLEN!” You’ve read too many of these posts. You know the exact format: make, model, color, distinguishing characteristics, location of theft, type of lock breached (because we all want to know). You’ve simmered with rage […]


Getting Along: Right-of-Way and Right Turns

Recent changes in my daily commute have me hitting 40th and Normal every day at peak traffic time, and in my experience, this is one of the most dangerous road crossings along a trail. This is all I want to do: Simple, right? It’s pretty unremarkable. If you saw this intersection, you’d think it was decent. It has a marked crosswalk. It has a pedestrian signal that gives a ‘walk’ signal without having to be […]


Getting Along: Gravel Worlds Privateer Recap

This year the masterminds behind Lincoln’s increasingly popular gravel-road sufferfest, Gravel Worlds, introduced an option for those of us who are new, under-trained to do 150 miles in a day, or only slightly crazy: the Gravel Worlds Privateer, a 75-mile (officially) noncompetitive gravel ride following much of the same route as the full event. Last year, with only the 150-miler as an option, I had all of two months of gravel riding experience before I […]


Getting Along: New Job, New Commute

For three years, I rode the same route, year-round. I knew every crack and pothole. I knew where ice would form in the shady spots. I navigated the most dangerous intersections on my route with aplomb, never startled by bad driver behavior. I collected just the right bags and lights and coats and locks, over a long process of trial and error. I cemented my reputation as a bike commuter among colleagues. And then I […]


Getting Along: This Earth Day, Ride Bikes!

10 Health TV invited BicycLincoln to share why bikes are great for the environment and for you! Here’s the video: Every day is Earth Day when you ride a bike – particularly when you use a bike instead of your car. You know that bikes are green: no gas, and no deadly emissions (depending on what you eat…). When you ride, you emit 1/10 of the CO2 that you would in your car – even […]


Getting Along: A Zig and a Zag

No matter how many trails and quiet residential streets you incorporate into your bike route, one fact remains: You will still have to cross busy streets. Sometimes you’ll have a traffic signal to stop cross traffic. You can even trigger the signals with your bike. When it works, it’s slick. You roll up over the sensor, you wait for your green light, you wait for one or two drivers to run their red light in front of […]


Getting Along: Our Favorite Gear (Winter Edition)

Last week, we asked BicycLincoln followers about their favorite gear. You clearly had winter riding on the brain, and rightly so – just look at Lincoln on Saturday, during our first snowfall: So, without further ado, here are your top picks for winter gear – plus a few more suggestions from BicycLincoln board members. TOOLS You don’t want to get stranded in winter. Pack a good multi-tool, a tube, some cash – and a cell phone. Reader favorite: PDW […]


Getting Along: Close Call Database

You’re a safe, savvy rider. You follow the rules of the road. You’re friendly and communicative. You choose less-busy routes when you can, and you ride predictably. You make it easy for drivers to see you. No doubt, the vast majority of other road users you encounter will be cooperative and even outright appreciative. You can’t change the fact that some drivers, no matter what you do, will be upset simply that you are on the road, and […]


Getting Along: Dressing for Fall

It’s fall. The National Bike Challenge is over. Mornings and evenings can be a bit brisk. But if you’re thinking about putting away your bike until spring – wait! The riding is still great, if you dress and prepare for the weather. Some basic principles for fall riding: Don’t overdress. You should be a little bit cold when you first head out. This one might be the hardest to achieve, because it feels so wrong. Trust […]


Getting Along: First at a Stop Sign

It’s almost a daily occurrence, if you ride residential streets: You’re first at a stop sign, waiting to cross a busier street, when you hear the rumble of an engine behind you. You want to cross, to get away, but once the steady stream of traffic coming from your left clears, another stream starts on the right. You’re trapped. The engine gets louder. There’s a vehicle behind you, and its driver cannot wait to get you […]